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Apr 6 '14
I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.

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The days when I do are the days I write in my journal:


"I do not seek perfection in chaos

this seeming chaos is perfection

I’m not sure if that made sense

but if I can feel the steadiness of my heart

in the chaos of the world

I’m a-ok” 

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Apr 4 '14




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Mar 31 '14

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Mar 28 '14

So I haven’t posted anything in…forever. 

I promise to actual reblog stuff I like on the Tumblr.

I promise to answer your asks quickly.

I promise to only post selfies sparingly (ok that one I can’t promise).

I’m going to update my info so that it reflects who I am now.

My, I have changed from my cupcake, quote, music self. I seem to enjoy music and quotes much more than cupcakes these days. College changes you ( as even the selfies show). 

Feel free to put stuff in my ask because odds are I’m on Tumblr at 3 am.

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Mar 3 '14

Feb 12 '14

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Feb 12 '14

So you wanna be a doctor? Imagine practicing medicine back in the day.

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Feb 7 '14

Where is the University of Michigan Tumblr community? I feel like you all would be really cool people.

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Feb 4 '14
That moment when you #selfie with a plasticized human #brain. #UMich

That moment when you #selfie with a plasticized human #brain. #UMich

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Feb 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you remember me, but i'm the same person that asked you about umich and am from Singapore. I was just wondering if you knew whether people who graduated with the 'A' level certification are eligible for law school in umich without needing to take any undergraduate programme like in the UK and Singapore. I'm sorry for being such a nuisance(:

I believe you can get your undergrad at another college , but you should take the prerequisites for UMich law school. I am not really sure of law school requirements because I am only here for undergrad. 

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