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Short, sweet, sporadic posts that pertain to teenage life.
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Apr 17 '14

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Apr 6 '14
I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.

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The days when I do are the days I write in my journal:


"I do not seek perfection in chaos

this seeming chaos is perfection

I’m not sure if that made sense

but if I can feel the steadiness of my heart

in the chaos of the world

I’m a-ok” 

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Apr 4 '14




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Mar 31 '14

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Mar 28 '14

So I haven’t posted anything in…forever. 

I promise to actual reblog stuff I like on the Tumblr.

I promise to answer your asks quickly.

I promise to only post selfies sparingly (ok that one I can’t promise).

I’m going to update my info so that it reflects who I am now.

My, I have changed from my cupcake, quote, music self. I seem to enjoy music and quotes much more than cupcakes these days. College changes you ( as even the selfies show). 

Feel free to put stuff in my ask because odds are I’m on Tumblr at 3 am.

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Mar 3 '14

Feb 12 '14

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Feb 12 '14

So you wanna be a doctor? Imagine practicing medicine back in the day.

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Feb 7 '14

Where is the University of Michigan Tumblr community? I feel like you all would be really cool people.

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Feb 4 '14
That moment when you #selfie with a plasticized human #brain. #UMich

That moment when you #selfie with a plasticized human #brain. #UMich

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